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Therapeutic Massage - Incorporating various modalities such as Swedish, deep touch, myofascial release, reflexology to customize a massage to meet your needs... $100/ 90 min; $75/ 60 min.,$50/ 30min.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage- A light but effective touch to help with swelling and clearing of excessive fluid. Great for sinus conditions also. $60/ 30min.

Swedish Massage - Soothing strokes to help relax and relieve aches and pain. Enhances mental clarity and improves circulation... $75.

Deep Tissue Massage - Slow strokes and more direct pressure at targeted areas to relieve chronic problematic areas... $85.

Prenatal Massage - A great way to relieve aches in the back, neck , hips , legs, and weight bearing joints. Besides being relaxing, this massage has great benefits for improved circulation for mom and baby. recommended after the first trimester... $85.

Reiki Massage - A gentle hands-on healing technique to relax, relieve pain and facilitate healing. Can be performed on a fully clothed client... $80

Cupping Massage- Cups are applied onto the skin and a suction is created, pulling the skin up. Great for problematic areas. ...$80.

Reflexology Massage - A technique that uses pressure to points on the feet, hands, and ears to correspond with organs and areas of the body... $45 / ½ hour

Mini Massage - Targeting specific areas the client needs (head, neck, shoulders)... $50

Chair Massage - When time is limited, a chair massage is for you. Designed to relieve tight muscles, and adhesions in the shoulders, neck, and arms... $20/ 15 min.

“I loved my day of massage and facial treatments. David’s in Clayton was so flexible with their schedule that I felt relaxed before I even got there.”

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